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The Perfect Pair™ | High Performance Boxer Briefs

The Perfect Pair™ | Men's Boxer Briefs | Features

The Perfect Pair™ are Serac’s original, all-purpose, ultra-premium, performance boxer briefs. They are designed to keep you feeling cool, comfortable and confident all day long by bringing together a technical design and performance fabrics to achieve what no other underwear on the planet can.

The Perfect Pair™ are the best fitting, highest performing, most comfortable, best looking performance boxer briefs for active men. Period.

The most iconic feature of The Perfect Pair™ is the strategic use of mesh panels in all the places that are prone to collecting heat and moisture. This includes your crotch, inside your legs, and across your backside – that’s right, we’re calling out your swamp ass! The mesh fabric is itself moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, so it pulls moisture away from your skin and prevents the build up of odor-causing bacteria, and the holes in the mesh fabric allow for maximum ventilation, releasing both moisture and heat.

In areas that don’t accumulate as much sweat, The Perfect Pair™ uses a moisture-wicking, antimicrobial performance fabric that provides mild compression and muscular support for the large muscle groups that run through the hips, thighs and glutes. In particular, this fabric is used to form the legs of our performance boxer briefs, and it does a remarkable job ensuring that the leg openings stay in place and do not creep or ride up.

To ensure that the waistband keeps its stretch and remains comfortable over time, The Perfect Pair™ features a high-quality Japanese milled waistband that is soft, smooth and strong. 

We chose a vertical fly for The Perfect Pair™ to provide the most functionality. There are three common variations on the fly that are used in the market: vertical fly, horizontal fly, and no fly (or pouch). For those who wear climbing harnesses or other gear that interferes with access when nature calls, you understand that no fly is no option. As between the vertical and horizontal fly, the vertical fly holds an advantage over the horizontal fly by using an opening that is more likely to align with the fly on your pants, thereby avoiding criss-cross flies and the inevitable pinching that results.

Finally, The Perfect Pair™ reflects a K.I.S.S. design philosophy. Clean lines. Solid colors. No graphics. In fact, the only markings on our performance boxer briefs are a tagless label on the inside containing the necessary sizing, fabric content and care instructions, and a small Serac logo on the left thigh, near the leg opening.

No gimmicks here – just high-quality, all-purpose, super functional, undeniably comfortable underwear that won’t let you down.

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