Meet our Suppliers - Serac

Meet our Suppliers

Not only are all of Serac’s business partners based in the USA, including our designer and manufacturer, but we also source most of our materials from suppliers based in the USA.

EcoEnclose is a leader in sustainable packaging and shipping supplies and resources that is located in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area. They stand for the proposition that “cheap, disposable products that provide short-term benefits to encourage repurchases are the past,” and the future belongs to companies that make “[g]oods that are high quality, thoughtfully produced, and long-lasting.” We couldn’t agree more. That is why EcoEnclose is Serac’s one-stop resource for all things packaging and shipping! (

Sportek International, Inc. is a fabric supplier based in Commerce, California that specializes in technical fabrics for sportswear. They supply Serac with all performance fabrics used in our apparel products, including The Perfect Pair™. (

CBF Labels Inc. was started in an apartment in Tustin, California in 1992 and has grown into a leading supplier of custom garment trim and labels. CBF offers domestic and international manufacturing choices, depending on each customer’s needs and goals. Serac uses CBF to supply heat transfer labels and hang tags for our apparel products and chooses to have all of them made in the USA. (

Maine Thread Company is a family owned and operated business in Lewiston, Maine that was founded in 1965. They started as a supplier for the local footwear industry selling their signature hand sewing threads, and now their waxed polyester cord is sold all over the world. Serac makes it a point to source everything possible from manufacturers in the USA, so we use Maine Thread Company to supply the cord we use for our hang tags. (

SequinsUSA of Mendon, Vermont supplies the safety pins Serac uses to attach our hang tags to  The Perfect Pair™. It was difficult to find safety pins manufactured in the USA, but we did it! As its name suggests, SequinsUSA takes sequins seriously, offering 1,000 sequin materials and 8,000 varieties of sequins. Fortunately, they also offer safety pins! (

One of our suppliers is an international Japanese manufacturer with offices around the world, including in Los Angeles and New York. Shindo USA Inc. is a subsidiary of SHINDO Co., Ltd., located in Fukui, Japan. Shindo’s textile division is the world's leading manufacturer of ribbons and trimmings, including the waist elastic we use in The Perfect Pair™. (

Last but not least, we purchase some of our promotional products from Sticker Mule, which uses a remote work force deployed in 17 countries around the world: United States, Argentina, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, India, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. (

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